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Vinod (vin) has been an audio professional for over two decades. His work spans feature film, documentary, music – and on the other side of things - apart from sales of high-end audio equipment – technical advisory, integration, repairs on professional equipment, custom designed cables, DC powering and more for sound people in India. He trained in repair and maintenance at Lectrosonics and Zaxcom in 2015 and at Schoeps in 2016. 

In 2015 he was inducted into the DPA Masters Club, at the time, the only sound mixer from India in the list.

In 2018 Overtone Audio put up a presence at the the Palm Show and had hundreds of visitors at the stall…


Overtone has been operational for six years now. 

Overtone has been successful in transforming the Location Sound Equipment market in India, providing excellent advice to customers before, during and after sales.

Many sound professionals, both young and experienced have benefitted from Overtone's presence in India.

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