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Analog & Digital Inputs

  • 12 analog inputs

  • 8 mic preamps

  • 4 analog line inputs

  • Multiple AES digital inputs

Mixer & Outputs

  • 10 tracks mixer plate

  • Mixdown

  • 8 analog line Output

  • 8 AES3 digital output on DSUB25

Recording Media

  • Internal 256 Gg SSD drive

  • 2 SD cards

  • 3 USB slot


  • 2 identical on board smart batteries

  • 1 XLR4 DC 12-17 Volts input

Metering and Controls

  • Ultra bright large display panel

  • 2 large rotary control selectors

  • Linear control faders

  • Wifi and Bluetooth communication

General Specifications

  • Generates reports (PDF & ALE)

  • Housing made of machined avionic aluminium

  • Water and dust resistant.



The Cantaress offers an extraordinary feel and high durability for all intensive users. The Cantaress is compatible with both the CantarX3 and the CantarMini recorders.

Its extra-wide foldable display aligned to the VU meters of the 12 assignable channel strips, the Cantaress provides for each channel an instant view of the setup of analogue Input gain, solo functionalities, mix gain and equalization. In addition to the main display, 2 intuitive screens are available on the right of the faders to show custom options, setup or shortcuts.

Large mixing surface lovers will find comfort, design and ergonomics they cherish while using their Cantar…



The Cantarem2 is a USB control sur face for the CantarX3 and CantarMini mixer-recorder. It provides twelve additional faders and four assignable pads.

Magnetic actuated faders are smooth, durable and dust and liquid resistant.

The CantarX3 or CantarMini does the configuration of the faders and push buttons.



Perfect ergonomics for cart or shoulder operation. Swiveling front panel with ultra bright large color display (Transvideo design). User friendly with intuitive menus and confortable mechanical controls.

Uncompromised audio quality with unique on-board mixer. Features integrated reports (PDF and Database), AutoSlate detection, Playback & Record...and more

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